We will be starting a new study in Oct. for our Sunday morning Bible study.  We will find out what God has to say about war, suicide, substance abuse, sexuality, the media, etc.  We will also be having game day the last Sunday of the month.  To qualify for game day, you must attend 2 of 3 Sundays in that month before game day and quote the memory verse. This class is for all teens 7th -12th grade. Youth Bible study class has a December fieldtrip.  December 14th.  To qualify to go, they must have attended Bible Study 4 out of 5 Sundays from November 11 to Dec 9, and memorize the assigned scripture verses in Ephesians.  Field trip is to Six flags Holiday in the park.  Emergency contact and permission slip will be required.  Both have been mailed to parents.  You MUST return them to your teacher.  For those qualifying, your teacher will have details in class.


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