To the youth,  we know this is a particularlly difficult time for you.  You are seperated from your friends and activities.  Take time to reflect on what you would like your life to be.  May God has shown you that you could be a doctor, researcher, technology wiz, janitor extraorinaire, policeman, fireman, farmer grocery store owner, inventory stocker, etc.  whatever God has for you, you will be blessed if you follow Him and do everything for His glory and show s love to people. Think on the hardest things brought about by this virus and see if you can help find a solution to help prevent this in future or to help over it quickly.  God has blessed us with a generation of very technology minded children.  May you use your knowledge for the good of mankind.  Be safe and be compassionate to others.  Live and in person church services will resume May 10 at 11 a.m. services will also be open door on May 17th.  All services will (open door/live) resume May 24.  WMA will resume May 27. Choir May 24

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